Laser Imaging

Laser Imaging Produces Personalized Mail Piece

Laser imaging goes hand in hand with Variable Printing Data (VPD) and is the act of adding personalization to your direct mail piece.  Here at Print Mail Direct, we highly recommended VPD for each of your direct mail campaigns as it can make the difference between your mail piece ending up in your prospects hands or in their garbage can.  In essence, laser imaging allows every piece in your mailing to be different, while produced as though they were all the same, cutting down on printing costs.

Print Mail Direct Laser Imaging Offerings

There are many types of laser imaging available to the direct mail marketing industry that can make each mail piece in a campaign different from the rest.

  • Wide variety of font and graphic selection
  • Color signatures, graphics, and logos
  • Specialty handwriting fonts for signatures on letters
  • Personalized postcards, self-mailers, letters, and envelopes
  • High speed variable print technology

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