Fort Myers Direct Mail Advertising

The Fort Myers Direct Mail Advertising Success Guide! 

 Step One – Cart Before the Horse?

Research the demands of the marketplace before you make your offer.  This is the most common mistake with any direct mail campaign (or any advertising medium for that matter).  What do your prospects want?  Of the entire population within your market, what does your target audience look like?

Step Two – Resonant = Response

Only after you have a clear picture of who your best prospects are and what they look like, as compared with the rest of the population, can you begin developing a clear message that addresses these best potential customers.  Consider mailing two or three small versions of the same mail piece so that each piece better addresses the appeals of the recipient.

Step Three – Execution and Measurement

Be sure you fully understand the time it takes for your mail piece to be printed, mailed, and delivered.  And also be sure you measure the response times of how long your customers take from the time they receive the piece, until the time you begin getting response.  Measure the response and capture these responder names, addresses, phone and email address.  The goal here is to be able to calculate your return on investment and cost per new customer.

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