Data Management

A direct mail marketing campaign is only as good as the mailing list, and in-turn, the quality of the data.  Address quality can always be improved to increase deliverability.  How much business are you missing because your house list is lacking deliverability?  Did you know that Print Mail Direct can help you with more than just your graphic design artwork, procuring a quality and targeted mailing list, printing your postcards, and ink-jetting your mail piece?

Some of the database processing we offer are:

  • CASS Verification – A CASS certified list means that the software used to prepare your mailing list has been approved by the USPS.  CASS Verification can save $100’s, if not $1,000’s in postage.  Plus, it ensures that more people who are suppose to receive your offer, receive it.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) – Fort Myers residents relocate just as often as any large metro.  And so passing your list against the NCOA database ensures your “move” records will be identified and corrected.
  • Second Generation Delivery Sequence File Processing (DSF2) – No mailing list is perfect.  But it doesn’t have to be perfect thanks to DSF2 processing.  We guarantee our clients that DSF2 processing will improve your mail deliverability beyond the cost of the process or your money back.  It’s simply imperative that mailers today DSF2 process there list before they mail.
  • Duplicate Elimination – There’s nothing more wasteful and embarrassing than mailing two or more pieces to the same mailbox.  Duplication remove processing is yet a simple process Print Mail Direct can do to build your brand, and your response.
  • Merge/Purge/Suppression – Have multiple databases to consider mailing?  No problem.  We’ll instruct our processing department to combine files, suppress unwanted addresses, and key code for versioning and personalization.
  • Database Enhancement – Today, more than ever, mailers must continually make improvements to their mailing, test new offers, and segment customers by common interests and lifestyles.  What you say to one prospect isn’t necessarily the same message for all prospects.  Segmentation of your prospect file enables you to separate people by type.  This allows us to then change the message we send for more effective communication and an increase in response.