Fort Myers Direct Mail Advertiser

Fort Myers Direct Mail Advertisers Take Note!

Print Mail Direct is here to help with all your direct marketing needs.  We are a trusted provider of full direct mail marketing campaigns to the Southwest Florida region.  Working with small to mid-sized companies in the area is our specialty.  Direct mail marketing has been a proven advertising method for decades dating back to 1872 when Montgomery Ward sent their first postal catalog.  Many businesses prefer direct mail over traditional mass media (such as print, television, and billboard ads) and Web 2.0 marketing (such as SEO, social media, and email marketing) as it is affordable, responsive, and extremely easy to track.

With more businesses shifting to online marketing, direct marketing audiences are being forgotten!  It’s the perfect time to “be seen” in direct mail since competition may be choosing other marketing forums.  Print Mail Direct helps your small business through all the steps of completing a concise, well planned full direct marketing campaign.  We’ll even help you track your response and give you special tips to improve your campaign the next time around.  Print Mail Direct is here all your Fort Myers direct mail advertiser needs by calling (239) 333-1430.