Best Practices in Direct Mail Advertising: Unlocking the Power of Print

In an era dominated by digital marketing, the power of direct mail advertising often goes unnoticed. Yet, direct mail remains a highly effective and tangible way to reach your target audience. With its ability to engage customers, elicit emotions, and deliver personalized messages, direct mail continues to be a valuable tool for businesses looking to make a lasting impact. In this blog post, we will explore the best practices in direct mail advertising, highlighting strategies that will help you
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Is Direct Mail Marketing Right for Me?

Often asked, is direct mail right for my business promotion.  The best way to answer this commonly asked question is, maybe.  The simple way to determine the answer is to see if your competitors are using direct mail to promote their business.  If they mail and mail repeatedly, you have evidence that it works.  But the answer to this question can be found in 2 areas, namely, product or service price and “target-ability”.  Product or Service Price Would you consider your product or service a “high ticket item”?  If so, chances are, direct mail is a great advertising medium for your business.  Di… Read more »

Print and Mail From Start to Finish

For most marketing executives, managing a print and mail campaign can quickly become complex, if not downright daunting.  After all, it’s not the typical day-to-day project for a business owner, so many properly managing a direct mail campaign falls to the wayside.  The good news is that managing your direct mail marketing campaign doesn’t have to be challenging at all.  Here’s how…  Step One:  The Audience Keep it simple.  Start at the beginning….the list.  Many business executives do this backwards.  Because of their own knowledge and insight their market, they’ll attempt to create a… Read more »